Wishing Stone Ceremony

Gold Coast Wishing Stone Ceremony

The ritual of the Wishing Stones or Blessing Stones, as they are sometimes called, is a wonderful way to include everyone in the wedding by way of offering blessings and good wishes to the newly weds.  It also is a good way to ensure that everyone will make contact with the Bride and Groom at some point during the day.  This ritual may be performed within the actual ceremony (before the Marriage Blessing) or at the conclusion of the service in a receiving line manner.

When the guests arrive at the ceremony, they are given a Blessing Stone along with a note card with words printed on it such as:   My wish for you is, or May you be blessed with, or May God bless you with, to name a few, together with a pen or pencil and during the ceremony the celebrant will explain the significance of the Blessing Stone and how to share their wishes for the newly married couple.

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