Reception Timeline & Speeches

Wedding Reception Timeline

Whether your wedding is a casual affair or formal event, there are always certain proceedings that happen at most receptions. Rather than going into too much detail I have decided to put together a simple time line that would suit any style of wedding

Feel free to copy, to amend and tweak or hand straight to your MC, to make sure they keep the event running smoothly and on time

Wedding Reception Timeline

Guests arrive at venue and are welcomed with hors d’oeuvres and drinks,while waiting for the bridal party to arrive

Guests are seated once the bridal party arrive 

MC introduces the bridal party and newly weds, for the first time as husband and wife 

MC welcomes everyone, once bridal party are seated 

They will run through the reception events and housekeeping (bathrooms, smoking, bar package)

 Entrée is served 

Main course is served

 MC to introduce those giving speeches and toasts

 Cutting of the cake

 Bridal Waltz, followed by bridal party and family joining them on the dance floor

 Wedding cake, dessert, tea and coffee are served, while guests enjoy a dance

Tossing of the bouquet and garter

 When bride and groom are ready to leave, guests form a circle or line to farewell the happy couple

The Meaning of Flowers

Toasts and Speeches

Anyone who has ever had to make a speech will probably admit it was one of the most daunting experiences. But speeches, however brief, are an integral part of a wedding reception

Three or four speeches are usually sufficient even at a very formal wedding. Toast and speeches follow immediately before the cutting of the cake. The Order of Speeches is listed below but is only an indication

The Bride’s father, or a close friend or relative of the bride’s family, is the first to speak. He usually says a few words about the wedding and then asks the guests to raise their glasses to the happiness of the couple

The Groom then replies to the toast on behalf of the new couple. He thanks the speaker for being there, thanks his own parents and his new in-laws for the wedding. Finally, he proposes the health of the bridesmaids

The Best Man replies on behalf of the attendants. If the bride’s father has not spoken at this stage, the best man, or family friend, can propose a toast to the bride’s parents and the bride’s father responds

An optional toast is to the parents of the bridegroom, to which the bridegroom’s father responds. The essence of his speech is to welcome his new daughter-in-law to the family

Guideline for nominated Speakers

Each speech should take five minutes and most people speak clearly at the rate of 180 words a minute, so plan a speech of about 1000 words. Speakers should make a list of everyone they must thank and what to thank them for

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