All About Flowers

All About Flowers

Seasonal availability of Flowers, the Meaning of Flowers and your Birth Month Flower

The carrying of a floral bouquet by the bride and her bridesmaids is not only a tradition but an important detail in any wedding as this feature is usually tied into the whole theme and feel of the wedding

The colours and type of flower, as well as the style of bouquet, allows the bride to not only express her personality by not only carrying her favourite flowers, but also the way she carries or even wears them, is a huge statement to those attending this special event

In some cases it may even tell a story, like the bride that carried a single red rose, as it was when her new husband gave her a single red rose that she really knew she was in love with him

So when it comes to deciding on the role flowers are going to play in your special day, you need to consider what story you are trying to tell to those attending and ensure when choosing your theme for the day that you consider your floral needs at this point and not as an after thought. It doesn’t matter how big your arrangements are or how many relatives are wearing a corsage, what matters is how they tie into your story

The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers and their Seasons

Spring Blooms

Tulips, Hyacinth, Daisy, Daffodil, Camellia, Zaalea, Sweet Pea, Rhododendrons, Jasmine, Flannel Flower, Magnolia, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Lily, Marigold, Iris, Primrose, Buttercup, Mimosa, Lavender, Cornflower, Foret-me-not, Bluebell, Delphinium, Water lily, Arum Lilies (early Spring)

Summer Blooms

Daisy, Sweet Pea, Delphinium, Cornflower, Lilac, Lily of the Valley, Azalea, Lily, Hibiscus, Maraigold, Frangipani, Daffodil, Alstromeria, Lavender, Jasmine, Tiger Lily, Camellia, Peony, Tuberose, Stephanotis

Autumn Blooms

Tulip, Hyacinth, Iris, Daisy, Dahlia, Daffodil, Camellia, Azalea, Delphinium, Lily, Hibiscus, Marigold, Lavender, Cornflower, Morning Glory, Alstromeria, Hydrangea

Winter Blooms

Tulip, Iris, Daisy, Daffodil, Camellia, Azalea, Dahlia, Lavender, Cornflower, Arum Lilies (late winter), Earlicheer, Hyacinth

Available All Year

Rose, Lily, Babies Breath, Carnation, Gardenia, Orchid, Freesia, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Gladiolus, Singapore Orchid, Asiatic Lilies, Gerberas, Lisianthus, Oriental Lilies, Sea Holly

** Please Note:  this is a general guide only as availability is heavily dictated by weather conditions and what part of the world you live in.  For the most up to date information please seek the advice of your Florist

 The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers and their meaning

In earlier times special meanings were attached to different flowers as a poetic way for lovers to express their feelings for each other.  If you don't have a favourite flower or wish to send a special message to your loved one, why not say it with a flower?

Anthurium     Intense Attraction     Apple Blossom     Good Fortune

Aster     Symbol of a "Beginning"     Baby's Breath     Symbol of "Everlasting Love"

Calla Lily     Magnificent Beatury, White means Purity     Camellia     Perfect Lovliness

Carnation (White)     "Remember Me"     Carnation     Pure Love

Chrysanthemum     Trust and Inspiritation, Friendship     Cornflower     Hope

Crocus     Joy     Daisy     Innocence     Daffodil     Joy and Regards

Foliage     Wedded Love     Forget-me-Not     True Love, Rememberance

Freesia     Trust     Gardenia      Joy and Faithfulness     Gladiolus     Generosity

Holly     Domestic Happiness     Honeysuckle     Symbol of the "Bond of Love"

Hyacinth     Remembrance and Lovliness     Iris     Wisdom

Ivy     Fidelity     Jasmine     Happiness     Jonquil     Affection Returned

Laurel     Peace     Lavender     Devotion

Lilac (Purple)     First Love     Lilac (White)     Innocence

Lily of the Valley     Purity, Sweetness and a "Return to Happiness"

Lily     Purity of Heart, Innocence and Happiness

Magnolia     Nobility     Orange Blossom     Fertility, Happiness and Fulfillment

Orchid     Love and Beauty     Pansy     "Thinking of You"

Peony (Pink, Magenta or White)     Symbols of a "Happy Marriage"

Roses (Red and White together)     Symbol of "Unity"

Rose (Pink)     Lasting Friendship     Rose (Red)     Passion and Love     Rose (White)     Innocence and Purity

Snowdrop     Friendship and Purity     Stephanotis     Marital Happiness and Luck

Sunflower     Adoration     Sweet William     "Smile for Me"     Tulip (Yellow)     Hopeless Love

Violet     Faithfulness and Modesty     Zinnia     Affection and Friendship

The Meaning of Flowers


January     Carnation, Snowdrop     February     Violet, Primrose    March     Jonquil, Daffodil

April     Sweet Pea, Daisy     May     Lily, Hawthorne     June     Rose, Honeysuckle

July     Water Lily, Larkspur     August      Gladiolus, Poppy     September     Aster, Morning Glory

October     Calendula, Cosmos     November     Chrysanthemum     December     Narcissus, Holly




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