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Wedding Day Planner

Whether you are planning a big traditional wedding or a simple casual ceremony, a romantic elopement or throwing the party of the century, the mechanics of a wedding are always the same. Below is a step-by-step wedding planner that will keep you organised and stress free. Just remember the key to staying within your budget is organisation and communication between the two of you and your wedding day suppliers

Wedding Planner – 12 months out

This far out is all about identifying what you really want out of this whole experience, making decisions about your future is both exciting and a little scary but that is all part of the fun

Decide on the date and the time.

Discuss with your partner the style of wedding you are both dreaming of

Once you have agreed on this, set your budget. If it’s going to be tight, discuss what you are willing to compromise on

Discuss (just the two of you) what role you would like your family members to play

Another important discussion to have as early as possible is all the legal bits, such as organising life insurance and other insurances, superannuation beneficiaries, amending or constructing a will each, power of attorney, if you will be having a prenuptial agreement drawn up etc

Finally, if you haven’t already discussed your long term future i.e. children, where you would like to live, your long term career plans and for the Bride to be, whether you want to change your name or not, then this is the perfect time to do so

Once you have come to a decision regarding your families and their involvement, then discuss all or any of the above with them. Remember it is your day, not theirs. If they are willing to contribute financially then identify who will be paying for what and start your savings / payment plan TODAY

Whether you put a set amount, each pay cycle, into a separate wedding account or you pay deposits when making bookings and you organise a payment plan with your suppliers, by spreading the costs out your budget will stretch a lot further. Try to have everything paid off approximately 1 month before the wedding day, then any last minute costs will not be a problem

Discuss (again just the two of you) your chosen Bridal Party participants

Invite your Bridal Party members and inform them of their duties

If you are going to hire a Wedding Planner, contact potential candidates and arrange suitable times to meet

Start your Guest List

Book your ceremony venue. If you are planning to be married in a public place, a park or the beach for example, you must contact the local council to arrange a permit. It’s quite an easy process, so don’t let this put you off

Book your Celebrant recommended and experienced celebrants are often booked at least 12 to 18 months ahead

Book your Reception venue, if not covered with your ceremony venue

Book your Caterer, if required

Book your Photographer

Book your Videographer

Discuss and book your Honeymoon.

Now is the time to commence your Wedding Fitness Plan. If self motivation isn’t one of your strongest points then get yourself a Personal Trainer if you want to look your best on your wedding day 

Wedding Planner – 11 months out

Meet with your Lawyer and Financial Adviser

Locate your personal documentation (birth certificates, divorce documents or death certificates). Your celebrant will be able to provide you with a list of what is required to ensure your marriage is legal

If you are planning an overseas honeymoon, make sure your passports are in order as of the date of travel with a minimum of 6 months validity

Go wedding dress & bridesmaid dress shopping. Try lay-by instead of using your credit card

Start paying off your honeymoon now, most travel agents will accept regular payments or offer BPAY. Either way a little each pay cycle will make a huge difference when it comes around. Ask your travel agent if they can do a Honeymoon Registry as it is a good alternative to a wishing well

Start saving for your honeymoon spending money today too. Again a little each pay will ensure you aren’t stuck in your hotel room eating chicken noodles for a week

Month 2 of your Wedding Day Fitness Plan, have you noticed a difference yet

Wedding Planner – 10 months out

Book your transportation.

Choose and book your Reception entertainment (your celebrant should provide music for your ceremony)

Start putting together your reception music play list

Meet with your Photographer and Videographers (together if they are not from the same company, this way they can exchange ideas and will work together). Be sure you are happy with the outcome of this meeting, this is a huge expense, don’t feel pressured into something you don’t want, especially at the expense of something you really do want

Start your photography and video check lists, examples of these lists are sub headings under this category

Wedding Planner – 9 months out

If you are getting married out of town, now is a good time to start looking into establishments that can accommodate all travelling guests. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discounted rate for your wedding guests. Advise them of the number of guests you anticipate would be staying to ensure you get the best deal possible

If catering the reception yourself, finalise your food and drinks menu

Wedding Planner – 8 months out

Order your hire equipment, chairs and tables, etc If catering yourself organise your refrigeration/food service equipment and your decorations. If possible pay more than the minimum deposit

Wedding Planner – 7 months out

Confirm and book your florist. Discuss your colour and style choices with your florist now, especially if you are after something very specific, so there are no surprises when it gets closer to your wedding day. Be sure to pay a deposit, even a little more if possible. If possible see if you the florist can arrange for your order to be delivered to your ceremony and reception venue and the Bridal Party pieces to where everyone is getting ready. If not, be sure to organise someone responsible to do this on the day

For some great advice on choosing the right floral varieties for your day, see the sub heading under this category

Meet with your Ceremony and Reception venues to confirm your booking and pay your deposits, if you haven’t already done so

Finalise your guest list and order your stationery

Once you have confirmed your Ceremony, Reception and, if necessary, Accommodation venues send out your SAVE THE DATE cards. Be sure to include a brochure or at minimum the details of the accommodation you have tentatively booked for the out of town guests so they have plenty of time to book. If you were able to secure a discounted rate, provide the details so they don’t end up paying a higher rate

Choose your Fine Jewellery retailer/designer and order/design your wedding rings

Register for your Gift Registry and select your gifts

Choose your Cake Decorator and order your cake. Don’t forget to pay a deposit.  If possible ask if they can arrange delivery of the cake to the reception venue on the day of the wedding. If not, be sure to organise someone responsible to collect and deliver the cake on the day

Organise your Guest Thank You gifts. If you are making them yourself, why not get a head start and do a few at night in front of the television. If you are ordering them don’t confirm a quantity until you have received all your RSVP cards in, ensuring you don’t pay for what you don't need

Month seven of your Wedding Day Regime Plan, so how are you feeling and how fantastic do you look? If you have lost your motivation, it is not too late to get yourself back on track and looking fabulous for your big day

Meet with your Reception venue to discuss venue theming, menus and drinks packages and seating plans. Start your own seating arrangements now you have a floor plan of the venue

Book your Hairdresser appointments, to have your final cut and colour, make appointment for three (3) weeks prior to your wedding day. Gents possibly the week before.  Book the Hair Stylist that will style your hair on your wedding day, be sure to book in for your trial too. Make sure you book your trial to happen after your final Hairdresser appointment so the Stylist is working with your hair at a similar length to what it will be on your Wedding Day

Book your Beautician for your facial one (1) month prior and your eyelash tint, waxing etc for approximately four (4) days prior to your wedding day

Book your Spray Tan for two (2) days prior to your wedding day

Book your Nail Technician for two (2) days prior to your wedding day. Try to book this appointment for after your spray tan if possible.

Book your Massage Therapist for either two (days) or the night before your wedding day, although you may prefer to be sipping champagne with your Bridal Party

Book your Make Up Artist for the day of your wedding day and for your trial. Food for thought, why not book this appointment for the day of your Hens or Bridal Shower as it would be a shame to go home and have to wash all that lovely make up off without a little outing first

Wedding Planner – months 6,5,4 – sit back, relax (if you can) and take some time out to smell the roses – enjoy the fact that you are on target

Wedding Planner – 3 months out

Have your vaccinations if your honeymoon destination travel advice recommends them

Meet with your Photographer to discuss your wishes

Meet with your Videographer to discuss your wishes

Choose your Master of Ceremony for your reception and discuss the day’s timetable and their expected duties

Send out your Hens, Bucks & Bridal Shower invitations

Wedding Planner – 2 months out

If you haven't already, now is definitely the time to send out your Wedding invitations

Meet with your Marriage Celebrant no later than this to ensure your Notice of Intended Marriage is submitted on time, although your celebrant should have already organised this meeting

Have your last dress fitting. Be sure to try your dress on with your lingerie and accessories while with your Dressmaker/Seamstress just in case there are any last minute alterations required

Wedding Planner – 1 month out

Turn your poste wedding stress into relaxation time by writing your Thank You Cards as your RSVP’s come in

Confirm your Honeymoon details and make your final payment

Meet with your Wedding Decorator to finalise any loose ends

Confirm your wedding rehearsal with your celebrant and notify those that will be required to attend

Wedding Planner – 3 weeks out

Hairdresser appointment for your final cut and colour

Hair Stylist trial

Make Up trial

Ask those making speeches to start preparing, remember to give them a time limit and ensure no-one invites your guests to participate or you could be there all night

Buy your Bridal Party gifts

All your RSVP’s should be in this week. Finalise your seating arrangements and notify your Reception venue with your final numbers and a seating plan

Party time – Hens & Bucks

Wedding Planner – 2 weeks out

Collect your Honeymoon travel documents

Collect your rings from the jeweller

Go through your list and phone all contacts to confirm final details – Photographer, Cake Decorator, Caterer etc

Organise an appointment with your Photographer and Videographer to view the photos and footage upon return from your Honeymoon

Collect your dress, if you haven’t already done so

Notify the newspapers of your approaching Wedding Day

Enjoy your Bridal Shower ladies

Wedding Planner – 1 week out

Order Honeymoon spending money or travellers cheques

Decorate the cake knife and deliver with the cake bags, place cards and another copy of the seating plan (just in case) to the Reception venue

Try on your outfits one last time

Pack your bags for your Wedding night

Pack your bags for your Honeymoon

Pack your handbag for the big day

If you weren’t able to organise the Florist and Cake Decorator to deliver your orders, confirm with whomever you have arranged to do so that they know where they are going and what time they need to be where

Organise someone to return the hire outfits, hire equipment and collect the flowers, decorations, cake knife and remaining cake from the Reception venue. If you have catered the event, be sure to organise someone to clean up and collect any left over food and beverages after everyone leaves. You don’t want to be hit with a cleaning bill

If necessary, organise someone to collect your mail, water your plants and feed the animals, while you are on your honeymoon

Enjoy all your beauty and pampering appointments. Be sure to exfolliate before your wax and spray tan appointments

Eat healthy to avoid any nasty spots and oily skin

Your Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal will possibly be this week or the day before your ceremony

Wedding Planner – The day before

Have all outfits, accessories, toiletries etc delivered to the address where the Bridal party will be getting ready

Where possible have the Bridal party stay with the Bride and Groom the night before to ensure no one arrives late

Enjoy a relaxing massage or a sip or two of champagne. Avoid drinking too much alcohol tonight as you don’t want to end up with dry skin or even worse a hangover

Try and get an early night to avoid puffy eyes and sleep ins on your very special day – TOMORROW!


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