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Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant Fees

  As our Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant what is your fee and what does it include  

The fee quoted for your ceremony includes absolutely everything!  The completion and submission of all legal documentation, you will have your own ceremony script writer, ceremony advisor, choreographer, sound editor, production manager, facilitator,  mentor, friend and anything else you may need, or want me to be, until you are pronounced ” Mr & Mrs ” and welcomed by your family and friends for hugs, kisses – with the occasional tear or two!

All Certified Marriage Celebrants MUST offer and include

Complete all necessary legal paperwork regarding your marriage
Officially solemnize your marriage according to the Laws of Australia
Comply with the Australian Code of Practice for all registered Marriage Celebrants as set out by the Attorney General’s Department
Register your marriage with the relevant State Department of Births, Deaths and Marriages

As a full time, experienced, professional Gold Coast Marriage Celebrant, this fee also includes

(a) After confirmation of my availability regarding your chosen wedding date and ceremony time; we meet for the first time and discuss your ceremony ideas and, of course, to give you the opportunity to meet “me” over a cuppa – should you both be happy to have me officiate at your wedding ceremony.  We would also discuss your eligibility to marry and discuss the necessary documentation that would need to be sighted.

(b)  Our next meeting would be to sight your identification documents, confirm them as correct and complete the  Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM).

(c) Assist you with a basic ceremony format (or, ceremony run sheet – the basic steps for you to create your ceremony and all the decisions you will have to make along the way…..)

This fee also includes as many further meetings as you require prior to your ceremony

With your guidance and your decisions from my “Wedding Book” – this book includes a comprehensive range of choices for each component of your ceremony, vows, ring exchange vows, readings, blessings, prayers, music, beautiful unity rituals – together, we will create a ceremony that expresses your personalities; your beliefs; your ideals; and your promises to each other for a long, happy, rewarding marriage

If required, a rehearsal at your chosen venue with your bridal party and, when necessary with all participants of the ceremony (e.g. a hand fasting ceremony or a five candle ceremony), so everyone involved in the ceremony is completely comfortable with every aspect of the ceremony on the day

Source and supply all your chosen music tracks for your processional, signing of the Certificates and Recessional

Professionally present your ceremony using wireless sound equipment – travels anywhere with me (e.g. open air venues, paddocks, beaches, parks, etc) and a wireless microphone for your readers and/or musicians

You will receive a copy of your ceremony together with all the necessary paperwork, i.e. your Marriage Certificate application for your “official” Marriage Certificate which must be applied for after your marriage and sent to the relevant State’s Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and any further relevant information pertaining to the recognition of  your marriage in an overseas country.

In summary, as your Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant, everything about your ceremony and the necessary legal documentation, including being available 24/7 (well, nearly!) by phone, email or fax, until I pronounce you “ Mr & Mrs ” is my responsibility (Phew!)

Should we appoint you as our Marriage Celebrant – how much are your services?

Fees are are flexible and reflect your ceremony wishes –
a)  ‘Elopement Style’, small, informal, intimate and romantic held at your chosen Tamborine or Gold Coast location with around 12 guests $440.00 
b)  A ceremony reflecting everything you want and including all the ‘bells & whistles’ you may dream of and no matter how many guests, yet with NO Rehearsal, we simply ‘go with the flow’ on the day and, possibly, raise a chuckle along the way.  You leave yourselves completely in my care  $495.00
c)  As per b) above, although so your bridal party and ceremony participants are completely comfortable on ‘your day’, a full Rehearsal is organised at your nominated venue  $595.00
No matter what your choice, whether your ceremony is simple or complex; traditional, contemporary or sacred; and irrespective of size; I understand that everyone’s wishes vary and each ceremony is created to reflect your personalities, you have my guarantee that your idea of a perfect ceremony becomes reality for you both, your family and your friends!  

 For further details, please contact me on 0418 887 646 or use the “Contact Form” – I sincerely look forward to the opportunity of discussing your ceremony ideas with you both in more detail.

Payment Options: Cash, Money Order, Direct Deposit, Pay Pal & for your convenience, Visa, Bankcard and Mastercard are accepted


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