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How do we get married – where do we start

You are about to plan one of the most exciting events in your life! There are many questions relating to the how’s and where’s of where to start, as a Wedding Celebrant I will answer some of the more commonly asked questions

What do we need to do first?

The first step is to meet your chosen marriage celebrant – there is no obligation nor fee for this meeting. Once appointed as your Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant, we will complete the form known as a NOTICE OF INTENDED MARRIAGE (NIM).

Do we need to give you any notice before we can marry?

Yes by law you are required to give a minimum of 30 days notice to your Marriage Celebrant. That is, if you complete the NIM on March 15, your marriage may take place on, or after, April 15,

Do we require any identification?

Absolutely! If you were born in Australia your original birth certificate (or original Extract of Birth) must be sighted prior to your marriage being solemnized. To apply for a new Birth Certificate you simply need to contact The Registry of Birth Deaths and Marriages in the State in which you were born. It is important to note that an Australian Passport is not an acceptable form of identification for Australian citizens

But one, or both of us was born overseas, what form of identification do we need?

If you were born overseas, your original birth certificate, in English (a certified translation of your birth certificate from the Embassy of your country of birth). For overseas citizens, should an original birth certificate not be possible, an original, valid overseas passport is acceptable

My first husband has passed away and my fiancé is divorced – do we need any proof of this?

Again, yes! In any situation where a Divorce or Death is relevant, you will need to provide evidence before your marriage is solemnised, by providing your ex-husband’s original Death Certificate and your fiancé’s original Divorce Paper

Can we complete The Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) prior to having the original documents that a Marriage Celebrant needs to sight?

Yes! Although your Marriage Celebrant will need to sight all the required documents prior to officiating at your ceremony, even as late as the reharsal

My fiancé is overseas and won’t be in Queensland until two days before our wedding, what should we do?

It’s not a problem at all, in this situation your Marriage Celebrant can complete the NIM with you and have it signed by one party only, as long as you remember this must be a minimum of 31 days prior to your ceremony. Your Marriage Celebrant will then have your fiancé sign the NIM and sight his original documentation when he/she arrives

We are both interstate/overseas at the moment and won’t be returning to Queensland until a few days before our wedding. What should we do?

You can download the NIM from Once you have completed the NIM and have it signed before a notary, you need to arrange to have the original NIM sent to your Marriage Celebrant, allowing for the minimum 30 days notice. On your arrival, your Marriage Celebrant will need to sight your original identification documents and verify your signatures as received on the NIM. We would then communicate by email, telephone or fax to each other to prepare all the components of your ceremony

Do we need anyone else to sign anything at our wedding ceremony?

Yes, you’re required, by law, to have two witnesses at your ceremony who must be 18 years of age, or over

What if immigration is an issue?

One of you must complete the NIM. If your partner is in the process of submitting a Prospective Marriage Visa application, your Marriage Celebrant will provide you with the necessary letter for the Department of Immigration.

If you require advice or further information regarding any aspect of holding your Gold Coast or Mount Tamborine wedding, simply contact me by phone or by email as I would love to hear from you and please remember that advice is always free with no obligations whatsoever.

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