Baby Naming Ceremony

 Baby Naming Ceremony

A Baby Naming Ceremony

is a celebration of your child's birth. It is an occasion in which family and friends can celebrate with you to welcome your child into the community.

The ceremony includes:

Welcoming the child into the family unit.

Announcing the names you have chosen for your child and the reasons/meanings behind the names.

Making promises to nurture and support your child until they reach adulthood.

The choice of adding a Naming Ritual, the wishing tree, wishing bowl, releasing of balloons, or a choice of many more, a way for all your guests to have the opportunity to give their personal blessing to this special child.

Choosing other adults and/or family members (Guardian or God Parents) who are prepared to promise a special supportive relationship to the child

Gold Coast Baby Naming Fees

I understand that everyone's wishes differ and each ceremony is created to reflect this difference.  Fees quoted are all inclusive and are applicable no matter whether your choice of ceremony style is simple, complex, traditional, contemporary or sacred and irrespective of the number of guests attending.  Please contact me to receive an obligation free quote.

Should you have any questions please phone or email, or use the Contact Page, advice is free!

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