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Meet the Bryant Family – LOL!

Here we are! What a mob, mostly in our jim jams, which is really sad! When I first met my man, he had three beautiful children, ages 6, 9 and 11 ( it’s commonly known as an instant family ) From our humble beginnings and two babes of our own, we grew and grew!

Between our five and their partners, we now have 10 grandchildren, the youngest, Isabelle, born on the 7 March, 2011, we are truly blessed as a couple and a family As with many families, our life story has been one filled with much love and laughter, together we have celebrated such joy and on the way many shared tears and great sadness.

All these memories are the souvenirs of our hearts and will all be treasured, for they make us the people we are today Our joys and sadness gave me the inspiration to become a celebrant, to ensure that no life celebration was ever considered ordinary and that every ceremony, where I have the honour to officiate, would always be one filled with love, compassion, a sense of fun and my total commitment that no-one would ever leave a ceremony without taking the sense of celebration with them.

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