Wedding Celebrant

Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant & Tamborine Wedding Celebrant

 Congratulations!  You’ve set the date

You have chosen your perfect venue and are now looking for your perfect celebrant to officiate at your perfect ceremony to commence your perfect day?  Woo Hoo, lot’s of perfects in there, although that is just what you want your ceremony and day to be.  As your Gold Coast Wedding Celebrant I will offer you total professionalism, a wealth of knowledge, warmth, compassion, fun and anything you want me to be on your day according to the tone and theme you have both chosen for your ceremony and wedding celebration.

My first promise is that I will be available to you both 24/7 until the end of your ceremony when you are announced Mr and Mrs to great applause, cheers and whistles.

My second promise is that ‘your day’ also becomes ‘my day’, another ceremony will not be booked on your date. 

My third promise is that I will make your ceremony as stress free as humanly possible as I want you to be relaxed and totally in the moment so you remember your ceremony as the highlight of your day.

If you can spare five minutes, grab a coffee, tea or beverage of your choice, sit down, relax and watch this video which is a general chat about wedding ceremonies and wedding celebrants with a diverse range of photos of a few of the hundreds of couples I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with over the years.  Hope it enlightens you a little?  Enjoy

I look forward to discussing all your ceremony ideas with you both in more detail, simply phone or use the contact form, oh, and a huge congratulations again!